Taxi driver training, Geelong

Taxi drivers literally have the lives of passengers in their hands and it’s for that very reason taxi driver training is Geelong Taxi Network’s number one priority. We take our responsibility for passengers’ wellbeing seriously and ensure our drivers undergo rigorous and protracted training to ensure they are capable and competent when confronted with any of the various scenarios they can face on the road. Our fleet of taxi cabs also undergoes regular and rigorous scrutiny with quarterly quality assurance inspections. Your Geelong taxi cab service fare is not only paying for your transportation but also for your safety and wellbeing. You can be reassured our drivers have undergone extensive training and have the skills to ensure you arrive safe and sound at your destination.

In-house taxi training in Geelong

Geelong Taxi Network has its own in-house taxi driver training school and any driver who wants to work with us must apply to the school and participate in our taxi training course. Visit our Taxi Drivers and Operators page for full details of our taxi training courses.

Before enrolling in our training, applicants must first comply with government requirements and follow a step-by-step guide to becoming a taxi driver. Applicants hoping to become taxi drivers submit their forms to the Taxi Services Commission and, if satisfied, the commission will issue the applicants with a Driver’s Accreditation Certificate.

Once applicants have received their Driver’s Accreditation Certificate they enrol in our Geelong taxi driver training school to undertake the Course in Taxi Driving. The school’s taxi training also offers courses for taxi drivers returning to Geelong Taxi Network or transferring to our network from another location and offers certified courses for drivers wishing to drive wheelchair-accessible taxis and for people who wish to become taxi operators.

Geelong Taxi Network’s taxi training also includes training for organisations which provide transport for people with special needs, such as Scope, and for other taxi service providers throughout the state.

Please contact Geelong Taxi Network if you’d like to know more about our taxi driver training or any of our other services.

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