Geelong taxi driver training courses

Want to become a taxi driver or operator or update your qualifications? Geelong Taxi Network Training provides the knowledge and skills to become a successful taxi driver in Geelong and beyond. Whether a complete novice, a relative newcomer or experienced cab driver with years behind the wheel, Geelong Taxi Network training will prepare you for success at our Geelong Taxi Driver Training School.

Courses in Taxi Driving

Taxi Driver Accreditation
  • Cost: $220
  • Duration: Two days
  • Prerequisites: Driver Accreditation Certificate (DC) and full Victorian Driver's Licence
  • Target Audience: People who have never before driven a Commercial Passenger Vehicle

This course covers all the basic information needed to drive a commercial passenger vehicle, whether a taxi, hire car or so-called ride share. Training is provided in basic terminology, rules and regulation governing the industry, customer service, use of street directories and driver safety. The course would be suitable for anyone wishing to start driving a taxi for the first time.

Taxi Driver Affiliation
  • Cost: $440 (Accreditation Course fees refunded if applicable)
  • Duration: Four days
  • Prerequisites: Previous taxi experience or completion of Driver Accreditation Course, Current DC and Victorian Driver's Licence
  • Target Audience: People wishing to drive a taxi affiliated with Geelong Taxi Network

The Driver Affiliation Course provides the information needed to be a successful taxi driver in the Geelong region. It covers the use of Geelong Taxi Network’s equipment, the use of forms and dockets, customer service the Geelong Taxi Network way, driver safety in Geelong, rules and regulations and the geography of Geelong. It finishes with an accompanied drive around Geelong identifying key locations.

Goldcare Taxi Services
  • Cost: $110
  • Duration: One day
  • Prerequisites: Meeting the shifts driven requirement as notified
  • Target Audience: Geelong taxi drivers wishing to qualify as a Goldcare driver

The Goldcare course provides the extra training needed to provide high levels of customer service to people with special needs. Training includes awareness of various disabilities including physical, neurological, sensory and intellectual. Participants are trained in the use of this information to provide the particular assistance needed by each special needs passenger.

Wheelchair-accessible Taxi Course
  • Cost: $220
  • Duration: Two days
  • Prerequisites: Current Driver Accreditation Certificate (DC)
  • Target Audience: Taxi drivers wishing to qualify as a wheelchair-accessible taxi driver in Geelong and other centres

This course provides drivers with the necessary knowledge to be assessed as competent under the standard of TLIC2040A – “Provide Wheelchair Accessible Taxi Services to People with Disabilities”. It includes the safe loading, securing, transportation and safe unloading of people in wheelchairs. Both theoretical and practical training is provided.

Course in Taxi Operating
  • Cost: $990
  • Duration: Three days
  • Target Audience: People wishing to operate a taxi-cab as the owner

Based around the small business course number BSBSMB405A, this course covers the fundamentals of running a small business, but from a taxi owner’s perspective. It covers business planning, budgeting and forecasting, business management, driver recruitment and management, vehicle selection and finance, risk management and much more. It is designed to ensure that participants do not waste time and money by making costly mistakes in their taxi operation.


Silvercomm Service

We operate a Silvercomm Service centre at our head office address in North Geelong. Silvercomm is a fully owned subsidiary of Silver Top Taxis in Melbourne, and is a primary service provider for Geelong Taxi Network. Silvercomm installs, maintains and repairs all the communications, cameras and EFTPOS equipment required in a taxi as well as radios and communications equipment outside the taxi industry.

Silvercomm Geelong operates from Monday to Friday 8am – 4pm, Saturdays 8am – 1pm and is closed on Sundays and public holidays.

Silvercomm taxi services include:

  • New installations
  • Equipment changeover to new car
  • Fleet/depot changes
  • Cameras, meters, domes, decals, etc.
  • Trunked radio installation and service

Taxi driver and operator enquiries

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