Taxi parcel delivery services in Geelong

Geelong Taxi Network is much more than an affordable and reliable transport option for people. While most of their work involves transporting passengers in our fleet of standard and Maxi Taxis in Geelong, our drivers also work as taxi couriers for Geelong district, providing parcel delivery services across the region. These include the movement of parcels, documents, medical equipment and pathology needs.

Our taxi parcel delivery in Geelong is comparably priced and usually speedier than mainstream couriers because our drivers generally have only your parcel’s destination in mind and don’t have to plan their route to include the delivery of scores of other packages bound for a variety of destinations.

Consider these everyday scenarios:

  • You’re alone in the office but urgently need a parcel delivery service to get spare parts to a client on the other side of town. What do you do? You call our Geelong taxi courier service for a speedy, affordable and assured delivery
  • You’re on a tight deadline and everything hinges on getting a client’s signature. How do you get that paperwork to the client and back to the office with minimum fuss and guaranteed service? You call a cab and have the driver deliver and return the paperwork.
  • You’re a small business owner and don’t have the luxury of taking public holidays. How do you deliver to customers when regular parcel delivery services are enjoying the holiday break? You call on our taxi parcel delivery service in Geelong, available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Our taxi driver training in Geelong covers almost every imaginable scenario and situation our drivers might face in their job, and professional document and parcel delivery services are part of their education.

Using our Geelong taxi parcel delivery service

Using Geelong Taxi Network’s taxi couriers is simple. When you contact our operators just let them know you require our parcel delivery services and the details about the parcel’s destination and we’ll handle the rest. It couldn’t be easier.

Parcel delivery is one of the many services we provide and no matter whether you hail a cab from the footpath or taxi rank, book online through our website and app or call, you can expect service that is second to none.