Geelong Taxi Network FAQ

What options do I have if I want to book a taxi in Geelong district?

Simply call 131 008, book online or use the popular Geelong Taxis App. For a maxi taxi or special needs assistance please call our on-site call centre 03 52 785 785.

Does it pay to pre-order a taxi?

Yes, if we know your request is coming up we include your order on a prospects screen sent to all taxis in the hours leading up to your request. If we receive an order for an immediate taxi there is no opportunity to inform the driver of an upcoming job. This is especially important in early morning hours and in high demand times when taxi allocation is paramount, especially in remote areas.

How long will it take for a Coastal Cab to show up in regional areas, such as if I require a taxi on the Bellarine Peninsula?

We will do our best to have a taxi available when you call and to keep wait times at a minimum. However, we strongly recommend you pre-book your taxi to minimise wait times. Pre-bookings are particularly recommended at peak times such as on Friday and Saturday nights or weekends in general.

How much will my cab trip cost?

Go to our fare estimator on our Geelong taxi fares page and you’ll get an estimate for a taxi journey anywhere in Victoria.

What does flag fall mean and why is it added to my fare?

Flag fall is an expression that goes right back to a time when taxis had a flag-shaped lever that was visible from outside the vehicle. If the lever – the flag – was up then the cab was available for hire. The taxi driver put the flag down when a passenger got into the vehicle and the taxi’s meter started calculating the fare.  Today, flag fall is a surcharge which ensures the taxi journey is cost effective for the driver and taxi company. Think of it as the cost of hiring the taxi and this cost varies on the type of taxi vehicle, the travel zone, the time of day and other factors.

Do you offer special rates for group taxi and tour bookings?

Rather than paying a distance fee, we can tailor some packages so you have better control of how much you will spend on transport service for guests. We can arrange a sweep pick-up and drop-off for group taxi bookings in Geelong and district. If you’re planning an event and would like to book a customised transport service for you guests, call our friendly Maxi Taxi team on 03 52 785 785 and ask for hourly rates and availability.
Paying a deposit may be required to secure the booking.

Can you help me with property I might have left behind in a Geelong Taxi Network cab?

We always encourage passengers to check they’ve left nothing behind when they leave our cabs. But we know this doesn’t always happen, which is why drivers will check their vehicle and by regulation deliver any lost property to the local police station. .

What quality control measures does Geelong Taxi Network have in place?

Our Quality Assurance Department is responsible for service delivery, vehicle standards, operator and driver training and discipline. All vehicles visit the main depot every three months where they are checked to ensure they meet Geelong Taxi Network’s exacting standards of cleanliness, presentation and roadworthiness. We also have a strict vehicle age limits policy. We take complaints seriously and all are thoroughly investigated. If a complaint is received against a driver the driver is required to meet our Quality Assurance officers who decide on appropriate action. This can take various forms, from attending our taxi driver school for retraining through to, in particularly severe cases, dismissal.

Do you have a customer liaison department?

Our Quality Assurance Officers are available to work with your organisation to maximise the benefit of using our Geelong taxis. Special requirements are catered for, as are regularly scheduled services. Bring your special needs to our Quality Assurance Department and let us recommend a solution tailored to your needs.

Who handles Geelong Taxi Network’s finance and accounts details?

The finance department is responsible for all normal financial and accounting operations plus the processing of Cabcharge, account dockets and electronic transactions lodged for payment to operators.

I want to be a taxi driver. Can Geelong Taxi Network help with taxi driver training?

We have our own taxi driver training school in Geelong and offer a series of taxi driver and operator courses. You’ll find all the information on our website pages.

What is VIP Direct and what do I need to do to be a registered VIP caller?

If you require a taxi frequently and you register with our Geelong cab VIP Direct Services we basically know who you are as soon as you call. The Call ID system will identify your phone number and will automatically bring up your template, which includes pick-up address and drop-off address.

Is there any opportunity to save on the standard Geelong taxi fare rates?

Next time you take a taxi you can share and save up to 25% of the metered fare with other separate passengers who wish to travel in the same direction. Multiple hiring works as each passenger (not known to each other) is regarded as a separate hiring and the fare from each passenger must not exceed 75% of the fare recorded on the meter on reaching that person’s destination. When the first passenger is dropped off the meter is paused, with that person paying 75% of the amount shown on the taxi meter. The meter is then restarted, the second passenger is delivered to his or her destination and pays 75% of the fare registered on the meter and so on.

Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Please don’t hesitate to contact us and we’ll gladly answer your questions.