Wheelchair-accessible taxi, Geelong

Disabled transportation service for Geelong and district

Geelong Taxi Network has a Special Services team and a fleet of cabs dedicated to providing transportation services in Geelong and the surrounding Bellarine Peninsula and Surf Coast regions. Our on-site call centre assists people who have special needs, including NDIS participants and those requiring wheelchair transport. All special needs passengers are allocated a Gold Care driver who has undergone extensive training to meet passengers’ special needs.

Our Special Care Team liaises closely with clients and care providers, looking after the taxi requirements of people with a disability, the elderly and those recovering from injuries or health issues. We work with organisations such as Veterans Affairs, Barwon Health, Work Safe, the Transport Accident Commission and many disability care providers and we welcome inquiries from organisations requiring wheelchair taxis in Geelong and surrounding districts.

Geelong wheelchair transport options

Our fleet of around thirty Maxi Taxis comprises Toyota Commuter vehicles which can fit up to two wheelchairs and have a passenger capacity of between four and 10 people. Maxi Taxis are a popular option for groups and booking in advance is recommended, where possible.

High demand periods for wheelchair-friendly maxi taxi in Geelong: Weekdays 8am-9am and 3pm-4pm and Friday and Saturday nights.

Drivers of wheelchair accessible taxis receive special training to meet the needs of people with a disability, whether they are in a wheelchair or ambulant. Geelong Taxi Network provides a high standard of customer service for passengers travelling in any of our cabs.

People in a wheelchair using a wheel-accessible Maxi Taxi pay a standard taxi fare. Premium high-occupancy rate fares apply only for single hirings for five or more passengers or where a passenger insists on a maxi cab regardless of the number of passengers, such as when transporting bulky items or large amounts of luggage.

The use of Multi Purpose Taxi Program (MPTP) Card issued by the State Government in both in conventional and wheelchair-accessible taxi-cabs attracts the fare discount payable by the Government.

Please contact Geelong Taxi Network online or call on 03 52 785 785 to book a wheelchair-accessible taxi in Geelong, the Bellarine Peninsula and Surf Coast.