Our fleet of taxi-cabs for Geelong and district

Geelong Taxi Network’s taxi-cab fleet comprises nearly 150 vehicles providing a 24-hour, seven-days-a-week taxi service across Geelong, the Bellarine Peninsula and Surf Coast. We take enormous pride in the quality of our cabs and ensure our vehicles are in pristine condition inside and out and in perfect mechanical order. Our cabs range from standard sedans through to wheelchair-accessible Maxi Taxis for Geelong and district.


Standard taxis for Geelong and district

Geelong Taxi Network has more than 120 standard taxis available for Geelong’s urban and regional zones. Our standard cabs are mainly hybrid Toyota Camry sedans and their bright yellow colour ensures they are easy to identify.

Passengers can hail or book our standard taxis throughout the Geelong urban zone and in our regional zone which covers the Bellarine Peninsula and Surf Coast up to Jan Juc. Our Coastal Cabs Fleet operates on the Bellarine Peninsula and Surf Coast.

Maxi Taxis in Geelong, the Bellarine and Surf Coast

A fleet of almost 30 Maxi Taxis provides a variety of transport options for Geelong urban zone and the coastal cab zone encompassing the Bellarine and Surf Coast. Our maxi taxis are the ideal taxi service for group bookings or for people with special needs requiring disabled transportation services.

The Geelong Maxi Taxi fleet comprises Toyota Commuter vehicles which can accommodate up to 10 passengers, or up to five passengers and two wheelchairs or scooters of most types. Please confirm at the time of booking if you have concerns about whether your taxi is wheelchair accessible.

High demand for Maxi Taxis

It's important to note that demand for our Maxi Taxis is high and the fleet is almost entirely engaged twice each weekday providing disabled transportation services. Maxi Taxis are required for disabled taxi services around 8:30am and at 2pm each weekday and therefore passengers should pre-book and where possible avoid booking a maxi cab at these times because it is unlikely a Maxi Taxi will be available.

Please note that high occupancy rates do not apply when a wheelchair passenger presents a Multi-Purpose Taxi Program card for the journey, even if five or more passengers are in the vehicle.

Please contact Geelong Taxi Network if you'd like to know more about our taxi fleet, our taxi driver training or even what makes our Geelong-based taxi service so special. We're always happy to answer questions.