VIP Direct Taxi, Geelong and district

Regularly require the services of a taxi-cab in Geelong, the Bellarine Peninsula or Surf Coast? Then you’re the perfect candidate for our of VIP Direct taxi service.

With VIP Direct, Geelong Taxi Network sets up a template which includes your name and the address of your pick-up location and usual destination. Whenever you call for a cab in Geelong our caller identification system recognises your phone number and brings up your details from the template in our system. We’ll know where to pick you up from and, if it’s included in your template, where you want to go.

Geelong Taxi Network’s VIP Direct service is particularly popular with clients who have strict routines and timetables, much like our Corporate Client Accounts service where organisations requiring corporate taxis in Geelong and district utilise templates and electronic booking and billing systems to simplify their transportation requirements. Of course, our VIP Direct service encompasses our Gold Care Geelong taxi-cab service, which features the best of our best drivers.

To set up your own VIP Direct taxi service or to inquire about any of our special Geelong taxi services please contact Geelong Taxi Network online or call 131 008.