Tuesday, 05 July 2011

Geelong Taxi Network On-line and Live

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Geelong Taxi Network is pleased to announce the launch of its new website, As well as offering useful information about Geelong Taxi Network and taxi services in general, the website offers useful applications and downloads...

eBooking on-line taxi booking allows any user to register their location and requirements on-line. Once registered, ordering a taxi becomes a simple matter of a few mouse clicks. Especially useful for businesses who use taxis, the eBooking service is available now.

iPhone and Blackberry users can download an app that acts in much the same way as eBooking, except that users will be able to register up to 5 locations, and select the appropriate location at the time of booking. The app is, of course, free to download.

Fare Estimator will provide the estimated fare from your location to anywhere in Victoria. The Fare Estimator is run by the Victorian Taxi Directorate, and is based on Metropolitan taxi fare rates. Because of this, there will be some slight variation to the Geelong rates. Nevertheless the Fare Estimator can give a good working estimate which passengers can use to check fares in advance of travel.

The Geelong Taxi Network fleet is described, along with the fare structure for the various types of vehicles. Geelong Taxi Network operates a fleet of nearly 150 vehicles, including sedans and station wagons, as well as wheelchair accessible FlashCabs and MaxiTaxis. The Maxi Taxis also operate as High Occupancy Vehicles, with capacity of up to 11 passengers.

Many people think that taxis are just for transporting people from one place to another. But taxis are used for much more than that. The Services section of the website deals with some of the other services offered, such as parcel and document delivery, tours, and transporting people with special requirements.
Considering driving a taxi? The site also contains information of training courses to become a Taxi Driver, as well as courses to enhance your taxi driving skills. In addition, it also gives information on certified courses in driving Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles. Want to operate a taxi as your own small business? We have courses for that too.

The site will also contain periodic news releases and information as appropriate. For example, there could be information on the locations of temporary taxi stands for special events. Or there might be information on how best to use the taxi service.
Geelong Taxi Network invites everyone in Geelong to check it out. There will be something of interest there for everyone.


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